Make a big impact with the right audience when and where it counts.

Whether you are hosting an event or exhibiting at a trade show, the name of the game is to connect with your target audience.  

enVu has a breadth of interactive products that can be personalized with your branding and quickly deployed. We can also create a custom experience just for you. 

Product Offerings

Make a Splash Anywhere!
Transform the floor into a
dynamic environment

Effortless engagement. Responsive design.
Attract attention and promote your brand in high traffic areas.

Think outside the box.
Create exactly what you need to accomplish your goals

Shock & Awe!
Draw a crowd, encourage active participation and spectating and end with a photo finish.

SNAP! Capture! Pop!
A fun, personalized, shareable experience.

Engage, Socialize, Connect.
Display and share photos and collect attendee information

Full spectrum exhibition
Present your entire product and service suite in a virtual showroom.

Collect data, measure success.
Gather the right data points for your goals, to measure success and make adjustments accordingly.

Experience It Live

enVu will be showcasing new event and tradeshow products and experiences.