Effortless Engagement. Responsive Design.


VENTURE attracts and invites a crowd to easily engage in an immersive branded virtual environment.  Interaction is effortless, with no glasses, headgear, training, special gestures or touch points needed.

VENTURE combines a beautifully layered scene, with gesture interactive technology, to create a dynamic 3D environment. Branded interactive elements are triggered and sync up with a person’s movements. All branded elements appear naturally within the virtual environment.

The longer someone engages with a VENTURE activation, the more interactive elements are discovered, resulting in longer dwell times.

VENTURE has two parts: an idle mode, when no one is detected directly in the active area, and an active mode, when someone enters the active zone in front of the display. While the experience is in idle mode, a specific scene slowly scrolls from side to side, highlighting events, location or product information embedded in the environment.

The active mode kicks in when someone steps in front of the VENTURE display: the screen brightens, audio levels are turned up and the scene comes to life. VENTURE syncs with a person’s movement, smoothly sliding in the same direction and at the same speed as the person moves.  As the scene shifts, interactive elements are triggered, promoting products, services or events.

Experience Details

Venture Rental Options:
Beach Environment with eight areas for custom branding within the experience or a RE-THEMED experience with new graphics (requires longer lead time.)

Included with Venture Rental:
License for Beach Environment experience and a DigitalPlay Engine including all interactive software and hardware.

Exhibitors responsible for display.
Recommended display from 55” screen and up to a 3×3 46” video wall, or projection

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