Attract Attendees with Personalized, Disruptive, Interactive, Engagement

Thought Bubbles is an interactive experience with a big ATTRACT impact.  Using motion tracking and augmented reality to create directed messaging that mirrors the trade show attendee within the experience, makes for an effective sponsorship opportunity.  The interaction is effortless with zero barrier to usage.

Thought Bubbles expands your trade show reach by targeting and capturing everyone who comes by your booth.  When an attendee walks in front of the kiosk, they appear on screen with a funny, informative or charming thought bubble displayed over their head. The bubble moves with them, following them within the frame, until they move out of view.  
Get more people to engage with your booth staff, without bombarding them with aggressive sales tactics. Thought Bubbles creates a more receptive attendee, and gives your team an easy talking point to start a conversation.

How it works for trade show attendees:

  • As an attendee walks into view of Thought Bubbles, they see themselves on screen with a Thought Bubble above their head.
  • The Thought Bubble has a clever, funny or relevant message and follows them on screen until the attendee leaves the screen’s view.

Thought Bubbles is easy to deploy with your brand and personalized thought messages.

Your Thought Bubbles Activation includes:

  • HW & SW:  A plug and play kiosk with 55” screen in portrait mode, and SW, Digital Play media player, interactive camera
  • Shipping: to designated shipping location
  • Support:  remote call in support, Thought Bubbles Setup Guide, Thought Bubbles, Best Practice Guide, Examples of thoughts for Thought Bubble messaging.

Exhibitor responsible for:

  • Header and Footer, thought messages (content submission guide will be sent with order confirmation)
  • Shipping back to enVu

Thought Bubbles Footprint:

  • 55” Touch Screen Kiosk
  • 426 mm stand depth (16.717”)
  • 840 mm stand width (33.07”)
  • 1920 mm high (75.59”)
  • Kiosk screen  818mm wide  (32.21”)

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