An Interactive Product Brochure.


SPOTLIGHT is a great way to educate consumers about a product in a fun and engaging way.

Perfect at trade shows and events, SPOTLIGHT attracts interest even when attention spans are short and product offerings are endless.

Combining gestural technology with eye catching visual effects, SPOTLIGHT, creates a unique, stand out, product driven experience. Participants can navigate a SPOTLIGHT product showcase at their own pace, according to their interest and priorities. Surprising effects keeps people entertained and engaged longer, and cement key product features and benefits.

Because SPOTLIGHT is a sensory experience, increased dwell time gives event staff time to engage and connect with potential customers. SPOTLIGHT can also be integrated with optional Internet of Things accessories to further enhance a showcased product.

Experience Details

SPOTLIGHT Rental Options:
Choose from a library of SPOTLIGHT interactive effects, including IOT plugins and customized product graphics.

Included with SPOTLIGHT Rental:
License for SPOTLIGHT and a DigitalPlay Engine including all interactive software and hardware.

Exhibitors responsible for display.
Recommended display from 55” screen and up to a 3×3 46” video wall, or projection

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