SNAP! Capture! Pop!

SNAP is a branded digital photo experience ideal for events,  trade shows and retail environments.  SNAP attracts individuals and groups to create the  perfect picture, for a unique, personalized, shareable takeaway.

Increased dwell time gives staff opportunity to engage people directly. And when using with enVu’s Social Appliance, brands can share and connect with participants during and after an event.

SNAP is easy to use: one or more people stand in front of the SNAP screen and add virtual photo props to personalize their photo.  When a virtual prop is added to a person, like a hat is added to a person’s head, the  prop tracks the person to maintain placement and perspective.

When the person is ready to take their picture they can either push a button on the screen or use a hand gesture, triggering a photo countdown. A single, digital, picture is taken and merged with a branded, Polaroid style frame.

Two photo background options can be produced:

1.  The original photo – shows the real world environment
2.  Background removal – placing a branded background or scene in the picture

The picture can be easily shared socially or through email when SNAP is integrated with enVu’s Social Appliance.


SNAP Rental Options:
Choose from a library of augmented reality themes with personalized branding options.
Custom SNAP theme available with longer lead times.

Included with SNAP Rental:
License for SNAP and a DigitalPlay Engine including all interactive software and hardware.

Exhibitors  responsible for display.
Recommended display range from 22” to 46” mounted in portrait layout

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