11 Ways to Identify the Right Experience Technology Partner

Experience technology has changed the way we engage and connect with attendees during and after an event. It is required to adapt and grow so we can offer our clients the best solutions to meet their trade show goals. Experience technology is a tool that helps us reach trade show goals with more flexibility, engagement options, measurement, and disruption, thereby allowing attendees to respond and remember engaging experiences.

Exhibit houses can bring experience technology into their portfolio in one of three ways:

1)   Partner with an experienced technology company
2)   Build a tech division in-house
3)  Buy and absorb an experience technology company

Buying or building a tech company in house is expensive, with a high R&D risk outside your expertise. The best option, that requires the least amount of risk, costs the least amount of money, and can be implemented immediately, is to partner with an Experience Technology Company, like enVu.

What is an Experience Technology Partner?

An Experience Technology partner provides digital interactive design and implementation expertise, to increase your business’ growth and profitability, by expanding your solutions portfolio.

6 Benefits of Partnering with an Experience Technology Company

  1. Your business can evolve and grow with technology
  2. Your business remains relevant, up to date, ahead of trends
  3. Experience technology as a solution for answering various client goals, including enhancing and driving in booth interactions
  4. Technology gives you a way to gather data and measure ROI
  5. Technology allows you to scale across multiple trade shows, events or locations
  6. It provides your clients with the right solution to meet their trade show goals.


11 Things to look for from an Experience Technology Company

  1. Understands your goals and the goals of your clients
  2. Understands the risks and responsibilities for all stakeholders in the business
  3. Works well with multiple stakeholders
  4. Has a portfolio of products that can be personalized and implemented quickly
  5. Is able to scale activations across multiple events or locations
  6. Has the expertise to create innovative and custom experiences using new, older, inexpensive and expensive tech
  7. Understands how to leverage various tech to create the best experience for a specific budget
  8. Has a proven track record for delivering, and delivering on time
  9. Is responsive and timely with RFP’s, pricing, proposals
  10. Is proactive, looks forward, is able to assess and implement cutting edge technology, and is improving
  11. Understands Experience Technology is about the attendee experience first


Partnering with the right Experience Technology company is critical to meet clients’ expectations and requirements moving forward.  enVu provides the right expertise and, as a partner, brings experience and event technology solutions without the added cost and risk of R&D.

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