Thanks for Exploring Experience Technology with enVu at Exhibitor Live!

enVu switched up all the digital interactive experiences in their booth every day of EXIBITORLIVE, to showcase the flexibility, breadth and adaptability of Experience Technology.  

enVu showcased Experience Technology for various booth sizes and budgets. All experiences are geared to disrupt trade show behaviors and attract, engage, delight and connect with attendees. Experience Technology can be leveraged to tell a brand story in a unique and memorable way.


Below are some highlights from the enVu booth at this year’s show.


By integrating augmented reality tags within the booth structure, we were able to create a multi-user experience, that was unique, immersive, and interactive, without the use of VR headsets.

Augmented reality is just one technology tool that can present brand storytelling in an interesting and engaging way!

Thought Bubbles 

Accepted in the New Product Showcase, Thought Bubbles is an interactive experience with a big ATTRACT impact, ideal for trade shows!
Motion tracking and augmented reality create directed messaging that mirrors the attendee’s movements. Interacting with Thought Bubbles is effortless with zero barrier to entry!
Thought Bubbles comes in a plug and play free standing kiosk, and is easy to personalize with branding messaging,
The enVu Daily Step Challenge
enVu held a Daily Step Challenge, which utilized data from participant’s wearables and smart phones, to gamify the the trade show floor.
Daily prizes were given for the person with the most steps. Many participants circled back to our booth throughout the day, to see where they were on the leader board!
We wanted to demonstrate how interactive experiences can be taken off the booth and onto the trade show floor.


Underwater SNAPs from Day 1: 

Great Outdoor SNAPs from Day 2:

Space Explorer SNAPs from Day 3: 

Thank you for sharing!