Career Builder Case Study: Achieve Trade Show Goals with Experience Technology

Career Builder wanted to make a big splash at HR Technology Conference and Expo, and had some clearly defined goals they wanted to accomplish.  They didn’t have a solution in mind when they approached enVu to create a tech forward experience.  enVu worked closely with the Career Builder team to create an experience that would accomplish their goals.

Career Builders goals were clear: They wanted to show Career Builder as a tech forward company, show off the capabilities of their platform in a memorable way, have attendees leave with a new and better  impression of Career Builder as a leading HR Technology company, and collect attendee information. Additionally, the solution had to manage high traffic conditions, with 40 people going through the experience at a time.

Client Testimonial

enVu Created a theater style interactive experience that was like a theme park ride, presenting participants with questions during the experience via individual tablets, to gather key information from attendees. As an incentive, the experience was gamified with big prizes going to the winners.

enVu was on site to support the team on booth, training booth staff at four key locations around the experience and supporting the experience to make sure nothing went wrong.

By creating a unique, interactive and tech forward experience, Career Builder was able to make a strong impression as a tech forward company, educate attendees on the capabilities of their platform,  gather key data from attendees,  and change attendees perceptions about Career Builder. (for more information see Blog: Experience Technology Has the Power to Change Attitudes Quickly!)

Career Builder Case Study

Career Builder Case Study – Video

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