Shock and Awe!


BLAST is a unique spectacular activation creating a destination point at any event. A BLAST activation attracts large crowds, and creates opportunity for active participation and spectating. BLAST integrates high octane graphics and brand messaging with gestural interactive technology,  for an immersive, engaging and shareable experience.

BLAST is a gestural interactive game that combines stunning graphics with interactive game play for a 60-90 second immersive experience. The game begins with a quick and easy player training followed by BLAST game play. At the end of the game a score is displayed with a branded picture of the player. The picture can be easily shared socially or through email when BLAST is integrated with enVu’s Social Appliance.  A BLAST activation allows for expanded gamification options, and can easily be incorporated into an event social marketing strategy.




BLAST Kayak, Steel Guy and Space Adventure come with a custom, branded end screen

Custom RE-THEMED BLAST experience with new graphics

Included with BLAST Rental:

License for BLAST game and a DigitalPlay Engine, including all interactive software and hardware.

Exhibitors responsible for display.

Recommended display from 55” screen and up to a 3×3 46” video wall, or projection

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