Experience Technology Has the Power to Change Attitudes Quickly!

At HR Technology Conference and Expo 2018, one enVu client saw a big shift in attendees’ belief and understanding of what the company could offer.

One of the company’s objectives was to have attendees understand their innovative, tech forward solution suite.  The experience was fun, interactive and informative. There was a gamification element so participators could be educated and surveyed during the experience.

To determine if there were any changes in attendees opinions about the company, the survey included a question before and after they navigated the enVu  interactive experience and asked them: “How do you feel about The Company as an HR solutions provider?”

Prior to the experience 48% of attendees felt neutral about The Company. Only 14% felt it was an awesome and innovative company, and 35% felt it was pretty good.

Coming out of the experience, approximately five minutes later, attitudes had dramatically shifted:  Only 15% of attendees felt neutral about  The Company, a significant drop from 48% prior to the experience, and 83% of attendees felt it was an awesome or pretty good company to work with.  A big leap from 49% prior to the experience.

Creating and implementing an Experience Technology activation at an event or trade show works best when goals and objectives are defined from the beginning, not just for trade show managers and event marketers, but for all stakeholders.  This helps establish  what data points to gather to measure success. 

Over the next three weeks enVu will feature this company’s activation, and highlight how having clearly defined objectives and goals can lead to the creation of a unique, memorable, personalized, interactive experience that has the power to quickly shift attendee’s perceptions.   

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