Carmanah Signs Presents a Multi Sensory Welcome Experience at Caesars Windsor Casino

Calgary, AB, June 1, 2015—Carmanah Signs is pleased to present a dynamic, multi- sensory experience at the Caesars Windsor Casino in Windsor, ON. The experience, provided by Carmanah and sister company enVu, creates a unique, engaging “casino welcome area” that communicates information about new games, the resort’s restaurant and attractions, and showcases past casino winners.

As patrons enter Caesars Windsor, they will be welcomed with interactive floor projections and responsive video wall, creating an exciting, vibrant and enriched invitation to Caesars Windsor.

The experiences, produced by enVu, seamlessly integrate the beachscape welcome with interactive gesture technology, for both the floor and video wall installations.

The interactive floor projection experience, powered by two of enVu’s “The Wave” units, creates a delightful and memorable starting point designed to delight and welcome patrons while moving them toward the Casino entrance. The beach themed interactive walkway brings the beach to life. As patrons walk across the floor, their footprints appear in the sand, and disappear leading them towards the interactive wall for a more robust and engaging experience.

The tropical beach theme continues with a visually stunning 2×2 responsive interactive video wall experience. This is a brand new type of interactive experience, using responsive design architecture to capture a patron’s attention, and allows them to passively interact with brand messaging as they walk by, or more actively engage and explore Caesar Windsor’s latest news and offerings in an immersive beach environment.

When in “idle” mode, a tropical scene with dynamic elements slowly scrolls from side to side, while highlighting new games, venue logos and past winners that have been embedded into the environment. When a patron enters the “active” area, the scene brightens and the experience responds to the person’s movement. As the beach scene progresses, new areas of the beach are revealed, coming into and out of view as the patron moves into and out of the active area, creating a larger augmented experience. Interactive elements appear as the scene shifts from left to right, engaging patrons with advertising, game logos, property venues, and past winners.

The interactive wall delights, engages and informs patrons of Caesars Windsor entertainment options, before guiding them towards the casino entrance.

The experience will be in place by June 4, just in time for Caesars Windsor to host the annual Canadian Gaming Summit, from June 16-18, 2015.

Carmanah invites you to visit Caesars Windsor and encounter the dynamic, vibrant experience for yourself.

About Carmanah Signs

Carmanah enables lotteries and casinos to engage players by designing and supplying digital sign networks, digital media experiences and value-added LED signs.

Carmanah is the world leader for the global lottery market in the development and production of wirelessly-updated lottery jackpot signs, which increase jackpot awareness, sales and ultimately revenues for good causes. Carmanah has provided over 100,000 wireless jackpot signs for lottery retailers in 41 lottery jurisdictions.

Carmanah’s LED and digital table game signage is installed in over 500 casinos on all five major continents, helping to inform, engage and retain casino players.

About enVu

enVu is a full service digital interactive media production company. enVu transforms events, retail, and brick and mortar spaces with captivating, shareable, digital interactive brand experiences. By seamlessly integrating brand storytelling with gestural, touch and mobile interactivity, enVu provides brands with immersive experiences to target, engage and influence consumer behavior.

enVu brings expertise to each stage of an interactive-media activation, from creative concept and design, through installation, launch and post launch support and reporting.

Both Carmanah Signs and enVu are divisions of Stratacache, a leading global provider of digital sign software, hardware and network services. Carmanah, enVu and Stratacache’s digital technologies improve in-store shopper experience, promote retail conversion and assist with mobile activation.

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